Beneficiation and pelletising are important processes in the efficient production of iron and steel and, as supplies of high-grade ores diminish, contribute to sustainable production by allowing a range of iron ores to be used.

Beneficiation processes are used to improve the quality of ores by removing impurities and minerals of lower value. Depending on the type of iron ore, a number of processes can be used in beneficiation including crushing, grinding, gravity separation, magnetic separation and froth flotation. Through maximising ore recovery, beneficiation processes allow water, transport and other costs to be minimised.

FEC has extensive knowledge of beneficiation processes and we can advise on the most appropriate process route for a particular ore, allowing you to optimise your operations. Our expertise includes beneficiation process for both Magnetite and Hematite ores, the common types of ore used in smelting.

Further downstream, pelletising is used to convert high quality iron ore fines and concentrate into pellets which are used in blast furnace and direct reduction ironmaking processes. During the pelletising process, iron ore fines are green balled and indurated in a furnace to produce pellets with the optimum physical and metallurgical properties for use in ironmaking. Our expertise includes both straight grate and grate kiln pelletising processes and we can advise on the most appropriate process for your plant based on the available ore and the requirements for the pellet.

Services we can provide within beneficiation and pelletising include:

  • Advice on process route selection depending on available ore and downstream requirements
  • Review of suitability of site and infrastructure considering process requirements
  • Concept and feasibility studies
  • Advice on waste management including tailings disposal and material handling systems
  • Process and energy efficiency reviews and optimisation advice
  • Valuations
  • Process and equipment technical specifications development
  • Full tender management from development of enquiry documents to tendering and recommendation of suppliers
  • Project management services during plant construction and commissioning.