Utilities systems and infrastructure are an integral part of all industrial production facilities. We provide engineering and consultancy services for supporting infrastructure for industrial plants including by-product recovery facilities, captive power generation, water treatment, waste management and civil infrastructure.

Efficient and reliable utilities such as power, water, industrial gases and steam are essential for the smooth operation of industrial production facilities. Defining and developing these systems to deliver a high level of operational reliability, safety and environmental performance can be a significant undertaking. With our in-depth expertise across a wide range of industrial sectors, we can help you define, develop and optimise utilities infrastructure to meet the specific requirements of your production processes.

With sustainability and environmental performance being a key aim, we can also help you implement measures to minimise waste production at source and maximise opportunities to recover by-products and waste heat from your production processes. Many by-products can be reused, recycled or sold and waste heat can be reutilised within your facility, not only improving the sustainability of your operations, but also helping you increase profitability.

We provide comprehensive concept development, consultancy and project management expertise for all aspects of industrial utilities systems and infrastructure including:

  • Coal and natural gas fired power generation plant
  • Electrical power distribution
  • Switchgear and transformers
  • Steam raising plant
  • Industrial gases systems for oxygen, nitrogen and argon
  • Compressed air systems
  • Effluent systems
  • Water treatment plant
  • Hot, cold and chilled water distribution
  • Natural gas distribution
  • Steam and high pressure hot water systems
  • Industrial cooling systems
  • Dust extraction systems
  • Port facilities
  • Material handling, transport and storage facilities
  • Civil infrastructure including stockyards, warehouses and silos.