Metallurgical coke and sinter are key raw materials in ironmaking. Coke and sinter quality have a significant impact on the productivity, efficiency and fuel consumption during ironmaking operations. Through our extensive expertise as iron and steel industry consultants, FEC can help you optimise existing investments and achieve the best possible performance for new assets.

For both new and existing cokemaking operations, FEC can provide advice on selection of coal blends, procedures to enhance coke quality, optimise coke oven productivity and operating performance, improve plant health and safety and optimise by-product recovery and energy efficiency. We can advise on achieving sustainable operations that maximise environmental performance for your coke making operations.

Sinter is a combination of iron ore fines, fluxes and coke agglomerated through heat. Using our extensive expertise in iron and steel operations, we can advise on developing sintering operations that produce sinter with the optimum physical and metallurgical properties for use in efficient ironmaking operations. Furthermore, FEC can advise on methods to minimise and localise dust emissions through efficient material handling and improve environmental performance.

Our consultancy services within cokemaking and sintering include:

  • Advice on raw material selection to produce coke and sinter with optimum properties for ironmaking, improving productivity and reducing fuel consumption
  • Site and infrastructure review considering process requirements
  • Concept and feasibility studies
  • Advice on optimising material handling systems and minimising environmental emissions
  • Process and energy efficiency reviews and optimisation advice
  • Development of process and equipment technical specifications
  • Process and equipment technical specifications development
  • Full tender management from development of enquiry documents to tendering and recommendation of suppliers
  • Project management services during plant construction and commissioning.