Silicon is an important raw material used in the manufacture of many modern industrial products including steel, aluminium, silicones, solar cells and semiconductors. FEC can provide world-class expertise for both new developments and existing facilities for metallurgical, chemical and solar grade silicon production.

Silicon metal or metallurgical silicon production involves a number of highly specialised and complex processes using Quartz and coal as the main raw materials. Silicon metal production is also highly energy intensive. Through further processes to increase purity levels, silicon metal can be converted to chemical grade or photovoltaic silicon. The quality of raw material, equipment capabilities and technical know-how are all crucial to achieving a high-quality product.

Using our extensive expertise in metallurgical, chemical and solar silicon production, FEC can evaluate the technical and commercial viability of a project, provide technical expertise on industry best practice and optimising production costs and advise whether the requirements of potential lenders and investors are likely be satisfied.

The range of consultancy services FEC provides for metallurgical, chemical and solar silicon production facilities includes:

  • Evaluation of suitability of raw material quality and raw material selection advice taking into consideration the silicon end requirements
  • Market studies
  • Feasibility studies from concept studies to bankable studies
  • Review of suitability of utilities and materials handling infrastructure
  • Independent technical review of selected production processes and advice on achievable silicon metal, chemical grade silicon or solar silicon qualities
  • Advice on minimising environmental impacts
  • Review of equipment supply and Engineering, Procurement and Construction (EPC) contracts
  • Review of utility supply contracts
  • Recommendations on process optimisation.