Commissioning is a critical time for any industrial project with delays or performance issues having the potential to cause significant financial penalties on a business.

Our commissioning supervision services are designed to support you during the commissioning stage of industrial projects by:

  • Reviewing and confirming that the proposed commissioning testing regimes provide adequate coverage with respect to demonstrating the required levels of operational performance in areas such as productivity, product quality, power and fuel consumption, environmental performance and production yields
  • Advising on the suitability and adequacy of health and safety measures during commissioning and any further steps that can be taken to minimise risk
  • Monitoring and certifying that the agreed commissioning activities and tests have been completed in accordance with contractual requirements
  • Confirm that as-built plant are in accordance with relevant drawings and contractual documentation.

FEC can also provide project management assistance to co-ordinate and plan commissioning activity and monitor the progress of commissioning activities against the overall project plan.

As part of commissioning supervision services, FEC can manage and supervise:

  • Factory acceptance testing (FAT) and site acceptance testing (SAT) planning
  • Cold commissioning activities
  • Electrical line checks
  • Fluid system pressure tests
  • Fluid system flushing
  • Motor rotation checks
  • Control and instrumentation (C&l) calibrations
  • Safety system checks
  • Initial operation of individual plant systems
  • Acceptance trials.
  • In addition to working closely with the suppliers and contractors towards successful commissioning and handover, FEC work with owners and operators to support them in taking over and operating the facility. This can include assisting with operating staff recruitment and training, recording and monitoring progress of all defects arising from completion of tests and trials and preparing take-over documentation.

    With our technical and operational expertise across a range of industry sectors, we can provide the specialist expertise you need to take your project through commissioning including all activities from completion of construction of individual items and systems through to operational acceptance trials up to take-over and successful start of operations.