Our construction management services are delivered by experienced professionals who work closely with all stakeholders including clients, suppliers, contractors and regulatory authorities to help ensure your project is completed on time and on budget.

Construction quality, health and safety, environmental and social impact, schedule management, cost management, information flow and stakeholder communication are all important considerations that need to be managed effectively during the construction stage of a project. FEC provides construction management services across a range of sectors, including mineral processing, materials handling, iron and steel, copper, aluminium, silicon, glass, building materials and manufacturing industries to help our clients successfully complete their projects.

We can provide construction management services on a stand-alone basis or as part of our comprehensive project management services which cover all stages of the implementation of a project from concept development and design, to procurement, construction, commissioning and hand-over. Our services are designed to be flexible to suit your particular project requirements and can be tailored according to your existing project organisation.

FEC delivers construction management services through site-based teams who will be dedicated to your project. This approach ensures that our team can integrate fully with your existing organisation and resources, enhancing understanding and communication, and allows us to keep ahead of, and respond quickly to, any issues on site.

Industrial construction projects are a multi-disciplinary activity, which is why our construction management teams include highly experienced technical and operational specialists alongside experienced project, schedule, cost, health, safety and environmental management professionals, in addition to civil, structural, mechanical, electrical and automation engineers, depending on the complexity of the project and its specific requirements. This approach ensures that the specialist resources needed to monitor various aspects of the project and its progress effectively are available when required in a timely manner.

Our depth of technical and operational expertise allows us to effectively monitor the quality of equipment and materials supply, installation and construction activities on site, and review compliance with the applicable standards, industry best practice and contractual requirements. Our contracts, schedule and cost management specialists use proven techniques and tools to manage construction activities and give you an accurate picture of progress and performance.