Sustainable development has never been more important or more urgent, particularly in the minerals, metals and manufacturing sectors, which typically involve resource and energy intensive operations. However, with the right expertise, there can also be significant opportunities for optimising resource and energy usage which can not only improve the performance of the business through reduced operating costs but also minimise any risks to or impact on the environment.

FEC provides environmental and sustainability consultancy services at every stage of a project from carrying out initial feasibility and environmental impact studies, obtaining regulatory authorisations to environmental performance monitoring during project implementation. We also carry out pre-acquisition environmental due diligence and assist clients with improving environmental performance and minimising environmental risks and liability.

We are able to utilise our in-depth technical and operational expertise in a broad range of sectors to critically evaluate your operations and identify opportunities for improving yields and reducing resource and energy consumption.

Our sustainability and environmental consultancy services include:

Environmental and Sustainability Advice

FEC can advise you on the technology options that are available for industrial facilities to minimise environmental impact and achieve a high degree of environmental performance. Our multi-disciplinary and wide-ranging sector experience means that we are well placed to advise you on what constitutes Best Available Techniques (BAT) to prevent and control the emission of industrial pollutants for your facility as well as industry leading environmental optimisation techniques. In some geographic regions, such as the EU, compliance with BAT and use of best practice to prevent or minimise environmental impact is an integral part of obtaining the required environmental permits or licenses for industrial facilities.

Environmental Assessments

We evaluate the environmental impact of new industrial developments within the context of the relevant statutory and regulatory requirements and provide advice on any measures that may be required to ensure compliance in addition to any that can be adopted to further improve environmental performance beyond the minimum requirements in line with industry best practice. These measures can not only minimise the environmental impact of your industrial installation but could also generate operating cost savings through reduced resource and energy consumption.

Environmental Due Diligence and Monitoring

As part of our due diligence services, FEC carries out pre-acquisition reviews of the environmental performance of existing industrial operations. We can then advise potential purchasers of any environmental risks that could present a liability and advise on measures that could be used to mitigate any risks and improve performance.

We also provide environmental performance monitoring alongside our construction management services for new industrial facilities. We will help you put in place a defined environmental management plan from the outset, and use dedicated specialist resources to monitor compliance, by both suppliers and contractors on site, throughout the duration if the construction stage.

Environmental Compliance Plans and Policy Advice

FEC can help clients prepare environmental plans and provide policy advice in order to minimise waste and achieve compliance with regulatory requirements in the most cost-effective manner. With our industry expertise, we will carry out a review of your existing operations, identify areas where emissions may be higher than industry best practice and help you put in place a defined and costed plan for improving environmental performance. We can also provide the expertise to help you implement the recommended improvements.

EU Emissions Trading Scheme (EU ETS) Advice

The EU ETS is a significant aspect European environmental and climate policy. The scheme is used to assist the EU with respect to achieving its commitment to reducing greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. We can:

  • Provide advice to help your installation maintain compliance with the EU ETS
  • Advise on new technologies and enhancements that can reduce industrial emissions and therefore save on EU ETS allowances
  • Assist with cost-benefit analysis on new investments that you may be considering to reduce industrial emissions including customised financial analysis and scenario modelling.