Our process specialists provide expert technical know-how to help you determine the most suitable process configuration and technology solution for your plant.

Whether you are considering an investment in a new production facility or a modification to your existing plant, determining the most appropriate process route and technology can be a complex task, especially where there are multiple options with overlapping capabilities. Often, there may be differences in the product characteristics, product qualities and production volumes achievable through different process routes and technologies which may have an impact on your target markets and business plan. Our specialists have many years of operational experience and technical expertise in the mineral processing, metals and building materials sectors. With our industry knowledge, FEC can help you evaluate the process options available and advise on the product, quality and cost impact of various process configurations and technologies.

We provide independent and unbiased technical advice to help our clients determine the best process solution for their business. Following, the evaluation of the various options, FEC can help you develop the project concept for your chosen process solution through a concept study.

Our process options studies can be tailored to your specific requirements, and can include, for each configuration:

  • Process flow sheet design
  • Productivity and yield calculations
  • Product range and quality characteristics
  • Development of plant layouts
  • Plant sizing and capacity determination
  • Material flow studies
  • Technology options by various equipment suppliers
  • Utilities and ancillary requirements
  • Production, maintenance and capital costs
  • Financial modelling and scenario development.