FEC provides comprehensive procurement support services for design, engineering and equipment supply services for both large and small industrial projects, from individual process plant units and supporting facilities to major greenfield or brownfield developments in a range of industry sectors.

We provide procurement support services for both greenfield industrial plant developments and expansion works within sectors such as mineral processing, materials handling, iron and steel, copper, aluminium, silicon, glass, building materials and manufacturing.

With a focus on plant performance, production quality and project delivery, our highly experienced procurement specialists can help you, as a project developer or plant operator, clearly define your technical and commercial requirements, and using our in-depth sector expertise, identify a procurement solution that matches your requirements at the best possible cost.

FEC uses proven and established procurement procedures which, together with our independence and transparent supplier evaluation methodologies, means that the procurement process is always fair and open while encouraging competition amongst suppliers, to deliver the best value to the client.

Our procurement support services are highly flexible and can be customised according to your specific project requirements and to suit your existing project organisation. The procurement support services FEC can provide include:

  • Technical concept development and preparation of preliminary specifications
  • Supplier prequalification
  • Preparation of tender enquiry documents including:
    • Instructions to tender and technical and commercial requirements
    • Detailed tender specifications
    • Engineering codes and standards
  • Management of entire tendering process from issue of tender enquiry documents, organising and holding supplier clarification meetings, provision of tender clarifications to receipt of final compliant technical and commercial tenders
  • Comprehensive bid equalisation and evaluation
  • Preparation of contract documents
  • Negotiation and agreement of commercial terms and conditions, delivery terms, performance guarantees and liquidated damages.

Following contract agreement with the preferred supplier, FEC can provide a range of supplier liaison and surveillance services during contract delivery including:

  • Supplier performance evaluation
  • Expediting
  • Quality planning
  • Inspection and manufacturing surveillance
  • Provision of shipping and delivery instructions
  • Payment approval.