Our market studies give clients the strategic insight they need to enter new markets, diversify their existing product ranges and identify opportunities to maximise profitability through high margin products.

We prepare bespoke, independent market studies for the minerals, metals and building materials sectors, from raw materials through to semi-finished and downstream products. Our studies are fully tailored according to your specific project or business requirements and provide added value through integrating our market knowledge with extensive product, process and technical expertise.

If you are considering an investment in a new production facility, our market studies can help you determine the size of the market for your products and the best geographic markets to target. With our in-depth technical expertise across the minerals, metals and building materials sectors, and wide-ranging product knowledge, FEC can advise you on product characteristics and quality requirements that you will need to meet in order to enter your target markets quickly and efficiently.

For investors and operators of existing plants, we can advise on opportunities to diversify your product range and identify the highest margin products you can produce with minimal or no additional investment using your existing assets, helping to improve your profitability.

One of our key strengths is that our market studies are based on first-hand expertise of the relevant sectors including extensive knowledge of the relevant technical and production processes, product specifications and quality requirements. Our market studies are produced through independent analysis and are built up from first principles based on data from desk-based research and field surveys, supported by in-house databases. In producing our market forecasts, we consider the impact of global, regional and technological trends in the relevant product and geographic markets, potential competitors, global macroeconomic conditions and the regional economic conditions of the target markets.

Our clients include project developers, plant operators, international financial institutions and government bodies. The aim of our market research is to give our clients the insights they need into their chosen market sectors to help their businesses succeed.