FEC provides project evaluation, monitoring and technical assistance services to lenders and investors for industrial developments around the world.

The lenders’ supervisor and independent engineer role requires not only considerable knowledge of a sector but also expertise in areas such as finance, health and safety, environmental management, training and project management. Our specialist industry knowledge across the minerals, metals, manufacturing, glass and building materials sectors combined with our multi-disciplinary approach allows us to provide tailored independent engineer services to lenders and investors.

Our independent engineer services cover the entire project development cycle for new industrial investments. We regularly work with international financial institutions and investors to carry out due diligence on projects before an investment commitment is made, and provide project monitoring services throughout the project implementation stage, from procurement to installation, commissioning and testing.

As part of our lenders’ supervisor and independent engineer services, FEC provides regular reviews and advises on:

  • Project budget and schedule performance
  • Health and safety compliance against project procedures and applicable regulations
  • Environmental performance against project procedures and regulations
  • Quality of project materials, equipment and project execution
  • Project and operational organisation, skills and training
  • Compliance with commissioning and performance testing criteria
  • Actions that can mitigate technical, operational, commercial and environmental risks associated with an investment on an ongoing basis thought project execution.

The aim of our independent engineer services is to present investors and lenders with robust, clear and impartial advice regarding project performance against an agreed plan, on a regular basis, for often technically complex investments in the minerals, metals, manufacturing, glass and building materials sectors. Our independent engineer services are not only a monitoring and surveillance task, but a supportive role. We provide ongoing specialist technical and operational support throughout the execution of the project which gives confidence and assurance to lenders and investors on the commercial, schedule and technical performance of a project.